Bobby at some of his Venues

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 Blue Moon
 Mother Kelley's
 Nutley Swing Nite
 Palm Springs
 Riverside Casino


Blue Moon

blue moon
Connie and Lou Connie Bobby & Lou
Frankie, Bobbi & Mike Frankie, Mike & Lou
Lou, Carol & Connie Mike & Frankie
Blue Moon Bar
Phyllis Phyllis & Bobby
The Twins & Bobby



Francesca's Sgt. James Petrecca & Bobby
Toni & Bobby  


Mother Kelley's

Bobby & DJ Mickey Hector
Hector, Bobby & John John Lepore


Nutley Swing Nite

Nutley Swing Nite Laura, Frankie, Dave, Eddie, Vincent & Bobby
Bobby, JoJo, Tommy, Dave & Eddie  


Palm Springs

Impersonators with Bobby Dean Martin impersonator (Russ Loniello) & Bobby
Liza Minellie, Dean Martin impersonators & Bobby Donna Summers Impersonator with Bobby


Riverside Casino

Riverside Bobby at Riverside
Riverside Dancers & Bobby
Horn Players Stage in Lights
Theatre at Riverside Valli girls, John, Bobby & Sammy
Joey Dee, Larry Chance & Bobby Joey Dee, Larry & Bobby


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